Hi again! Long time no see.

Welcome to Coinmaker. Coinmaker is my second “concept art generator” here. This time I trained a coin-asset-generator LORA for SDXL 0.9 that will makes easier, more fun and aesthetics the coin assets creation for videogames, renders, etc. It’s specially useful for 3D projecting and extrude-modelling in 3D softwares. So that’s why instead of having an small coin it will generate a big coin to be able to extrude all details (as requested)… also he told me that could be used for logo/shield but that’s not the main purpose.

Token is c01n.

IMPORTANT: This was tested under ComfyUI, I don’t have any idea how it will go with Automatic1111. I strongly recommend you to use ComfyUI if you want good results and most important, if you want the same settings I used just drag any image into the ComfyUI and it will show the full workflow, it seems CivitAI converted all samples to JPG so instead of dragging the images (if the workflow is not appearing):

davizca87/C01nWorkflow at main ← LOAD it via Json file in Comfyui

How to prompt and which values to use?

  • The LORA works perfectly with values from 1-1.2 and bellow even IMO it’s better to stay at 1 (you can see Clip and Model 1/1 values).

  • Resolutions 768x768 and 1024x1024 onwards, very important the ratio is a SQUARE.

  • You should prompt with a little description of what you want having in mind it was trained to have a clean background and a type of metal. This is just for an specific purpose but currently support 4 metals (gold, silver, bronze, ancient).

  • Structure as: “photograph/design/artwork of a (type of metal) c01n with a concept-you-want inscription over black background”. Black background makes cleaner creations while inscription even optional push forward the trained aesthetics.

This LORA is good for

  • 3D renders of coins of different type and styles. ← Main purporse
  • Variations of a lot of coins inner properties. ex: bloody, melt, drip, damaged…
  • Concepts engraved in the coins. Some may need prompt tweaking
  • Realistic or semi-realistic results.

This LORA is not to be used for:

  • Moving the coins between or across the scenes or putting them inside any recipient.
  • Making ANY figure/character engraved, some won’t work. Thats’ AI limitations.
  • Fill an scenery of coins.

Massive thanks to the original user who requested this LORA and let me upload this to CivitAI so all could enjoy. Hope you all enjoy this and thanks for the continue support in our Patreon

Have fun! David.

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