• This model was converted to Core ML for use on Apple Silicon devices. Conversion instructions can be found here.

  • Provide the model to an app such as Mochi Diffusion Github - Discord to generate images.

  • split_einsum version is compatible with all compute unit options including Neural Engine.

  • original version is only compatible with CPU & GPU option.

  • Custom resolution versions are tagged accordingly.

  • The vae-ft-mse-840000-ema-pruned.ckpt vae is embedded into the model.

  • Descriptions are posted as-is from original model source. Not all features and/or results may be available in CoreML format.

  • This model was converted with vae-encoder for i2i.

  • This model is fp16.

  • This model does not have the unet split into chunks.

  • This model does not include a safety checker (for NSFW content)


Source(s): Hugging Face - CivitAI

You can use this model to generate modernart style images.


~100 modern art images.


Use stability ai VAE for better results. For majority of prompts trigger phrase is not required; use “modernartst” to force the style