Xiyuez / im-feeling-curious

This public dataset is an extract from Google’s “i’m feeling curious” feature. To learn more about this feature, search for “i’m feeling curious” on Google.

Tasks: Answering open-domain questions, generating random facts.

Limitations: May contain commercial content, false information, bias, or outdated information.

Language: English only.

This public extract is licensed under the Open Data Commons Attribution License: Open Data Commons Attribution License (ODC-By) v1.0 — Open Data Commons: legal tools for open data.

There is no canonical train/test split.

This extract contains 2761 unique rows, which may increase as more data is crawled. Near-duplicates have been removed.

While we aimed to filter non-natural language content and duplicates, some may remain. The data may also contain toxic, biased, copyrighted or erroneous content. Google has done initial filtering, but we have not verified the data.

Use this dataset at your own risk. We provide no warranty or liability.

Google is a registered trademark of Google LLC. This project is not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by Google.