When we take a closer look at this apparently "peculiar" man

When we take a closer look at this apparently “peculiar” man, he may be reflecting a pessimistic view of today’s society. He may be expressing how our pursuit of too much power and wealth has caused us to forget our true inner needs - happiness and fulfillment.

We often focus on what is right in front of us, completely forgetting to pursue true and lasting happiness. This pursuit is not something that can be brought to us by empty, hypocritical relationships and entertainment. We only end up indulging in such deceptive things that quickly consume our time and values.

And perhaps this strange man in green is trying to express a kind of dissatisfaction and anxiety about this social reality. The crazy behavior he shows is just to remind us that what we really need is not false bragging, material waste, but real attention and care.

Let’s think about the way we live now and how we want to live in the future. I believe that only by truly looking inward can we find true happiness.