The AI KEY project was attacked by hackers

10.18 AI ​​KEY project was attacked by hackers

The AI KEY project was hacked from the wallet address 0x90EDc360612Ba63294D2935aA94c7C7fd23D5445 and 0xd4487b4087E1B6f777dE4ca972f2bBED506B499E.
Due to the theft of AI KEYs from multiple holders in the hacking attack, the AI KEY stops staking.

:rotating_light:If your AI KEY has been stolen by hackers, please contact us within 48 hours via the following methods for registration and processing of your compensation:

  1. Send an email to our customer service email address: [email protected]. Please specify “NFT Theft Report” in the subject of the email and describe your situation in detail, including the name of the NFT, the time of the theft and any relevant evidence or details. We will reply to your email as soon as possible and deal with your problem appropriately.

  2. You can also send us a private message through our official X-account, and you can also OPEN TICKET in our official Discord to report the theft to us. Please be sure to provide enough information and evidence so that we can better handle your case.

:rotating_light:We are deeply sorry that you have experienced this theft, and we will do our best to provide you with support and assistance, as well as compensation as soon as possible.

For users who staked before 00:00 UTC on October 19th,we will airdrop $YOHO as compensation .

The airdrop amount will be calculated as 240 $YOHO multiplied by the number of days you have staked.
If your staking duration is less than one day, we will consider it as one full day for calculation purposes.

The airdrop distribution will take place at 15:00 UTC on October 20th.

YOHO Coin Compensation Address : 0x6cb3c71B1F5c403989ba5DC1ad44797e41Df0055

Transaction hash of compensation for staking users : 0x1710cd2d9c46882431a707ae87c8da81b053dfbed36b89fafb5187b3cda3a4b2

Transaction hash of compensation for stolen YOHO coin users : 0x5b14edcdaae9bdf5f264e4dc9255ded36f5639139a8191a72ea9b97ce9874e25

We have scheduled the release of YOHO PASS at 10:00 UTC on October 22nd.

The staking functionality of AI KEY will be transferred to YOHO PASS, while AI KEY shall solely retain the privilege of prioritized minting for NFT projects issued by HK.Chat.

If you are holder of AI KEY, you will receive airdrop of YOHO PASS.