Jaredquek / SriAurobindoWorks

This conversational dataset in multi-turn ShareGPT format is generated using GPT-3.5 from the major prose works of Sri Aurobindo, the Indian philosopher, seer and poet. The following works have been used:

  1. Letters on Yoga 1, 2, 3, 4
  2. Letters on Himself and the Ashram
  3. The Mother with Letters on the Mother
  4. The Life Divine
  5. The Synthesis of Yoga
  6. The Renaissance in India
  7. The Secret of the Veda
  8. Essays Divine and Human
  9. Essays on the Gita
  10. Essays in Philosophy and Yoga
  11. The Future Poetry
  12. The Human Cycle
  13. Isha Upanishad

GPT-3.5 inserts ‘Disciple questions’ while Sri Aurobindo’s writings are used as replies to these questions. The text from the selected works are almost totally used and with little change by GPT-3.5.

We believe this dataset is useful to train AIs to converse on spiritual and philosophical topics, as Sri Aurobindo’s writings relate a deep and complex spiritual philosophy to all areas of life and thought.