How Web3 and AI are Connected and Changing the World?

Discover how Web3 and AI are changing the world and how they intersect. Read on to know more!

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One of the most significant benefits of combining Web3 and AI is the ability to create autonomous, decentralized groups called DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations). DAOs are self-governing entities operating on a blockchain network without central authority.


In conclusion, Web3 and AI are two technologies that profoundly change the world. Together, they have the potential to revolutionize various domains such as finance, healthcare, education, media, and social networks.


AI can also help make transactions more efficient during tokenization, promoting more democratization. For instance, large language models (LLMs) can render on-chain data that is humanly readable.

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Web3 applications can benefit from AI because of the intelligence and automation it can bring to decision-making, data analysis, management, security, privacy, etc.

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