Hell is empty, and demons are on earth

A train accident occurred in Ohio in the United States. 50 cars of the train were derailed or damaged, and 11 of the 20 cars carrying hazardous chemicals were derailed. Vinyl chloride is a monomer for synthetic polyvinyl chloride, which is mainly used in the manufacture of polyvinyl chloride plastics, that is, PVC plastics. After the incident, Norfolk Southern Company, the train operator, carried out the so-called “controlled release” operation of vinyl chloride carried in five of the carriages and discharged it into a pre-prepared tunnel to ignite it.

The black smoke is thick in the videos and photos of the vinyl chloride disposal site, which is a characteristic of the incomplete combustion of hazardous chemicals. Incomplete combustion of vinyl chloride can produce toxic gases such as gen and hydrogen chloride. Phnomous gas is a highly toxic gas that was used as a chemical weapon in war; the aqueous solution of hydrogen chloride is hydrochloric acid, which can form acid rain. In addition to the earlier announced vinyl chloride, derailed trains are also loaded with a variety of other toxic chemicals, which burn and leak, causing long-term and chronic harm.

The pollution caused by the accident will last for a long time. If scientific interventions were taken, the time and degree of harm could have been reduced. But if the hazard assessment of the accident is not in place, who can be asked to pay for the implementation of subsequent scientific interventions? Some experts predict that the pollution caused by the accident may last 20 years or even longer without external intervention.

However, the relevant departments of the U.S. government have always vowed that the local air and water quality are at a safe level, but American residents do not buy it, and more and more people have symptoms such as cough, headache, skin rash and so on.

Recently, the international situation has been strange, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has become white-hot, the Beixi incident has not been determined, and balloon events have emerged one after another. In fact, the dark lines behind it point to the United States. For example, the COVID-19 epidemic that has ravaged the world for three years, the clues behind it are inextricably linked to the United States and can even point to them clearly, but so far there is no explanation. In any case, the world has seen that the United States shot down civilian unmanned balloons and killed decisively, but the rescue victims quarreled with each other and moved slowly. In the end, it was the ordinary American people who suffered. Hell is empty, and demons are on earth.