Free art :nostalgic sunflower 2

This painting depicts a nostalgic wall surface with some paintings on the wall and a bouquet of sunflowers in the center. The color of the wall is yellow and white, which makes the whole picture look warm and harmonious. The painter’s technique is mainly expressed in an antique and retro style, which highlights the old feeling and retro atmosphere of the picture.

The entire picture is very unified in tone and style, with yellow and white as the main colors, coupled with nostalgic creative designs, showing a warm and pleasant feeling. The paintings on the wall are presented in the style of old objects, mixed with various commemorative photos and hand-painted paintings, which further highlights the artistic atmosphere of the pictures.

Among them, the most eye-catching one is undoubtedly the bouquet of sunflowers. Due to the strong color and three-dimensional effect, it forms a strong contrast with the wall and looks very prominent. Fluorescent yellow sunflowers bloom with calmness and enthusiasm, carrying the emotions of people’s admiration and love. In the picture, it emerges a warm space like a study or a living room, which well interprets the relationship between the paintings on the wall and life.