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Dataset Summary

MATH contains 12,500 challenging competition mathematics problems. Each problem in MATH has a full step-by-step solution which can be used to teach models to generate answer derivations and explanation This dataset card aims to be a base template for new datasets.



Dataset Structure

Data Instances

7 sub-datasets

Data Splits

training: 7500 test: 5000

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Licensing Information

MIT but check the Legal Compliance section in appendix B of the paper as well as the repo.

Citation Information

@article{hendrycksmath2021, title={Measuring Mathematical Problem Solving With the MATH Dataset}, author={Dan Hendrycks and Collin Burns and Saurav Kadavath and Akul Arora and Steven Basart and Eric Tang and Dawn Song and Jacob Steinhardt}, journal={NeurIPS}, year={2021} }