A new way to connect with your followers in Twitter

Instagram is non-stop, although yesterday we told you that the famous social network owned by Meta had launched Group Profiles, today we haveews to announce to you. In addition, this is based on the integration of a new function that only a week ago also arrived on WhatsApp : Channels . A way to establish new channels of communication with your followers.

A one-way communication and dissemination tool
As published on the Meta blog , the channels are now available on Instagram worldwide. This is a one-way broadcast tool that users can use to send text messages, photos, videos, voice notes and even surveys to their followers.

Vision of an Instagram broadcast channel created by Meta, in which Meta sends messages and followers can react by marking the messages with emoticons
Followers will not be able to intervene in the conversation by exchanging messages, they will only be able to vote in polls and react to the content by marking the messages with emoticons. Likewise, users will be able to create and join all the channels they want.

Once you’ve joined a channel, it will appear in your inbox alongside your other conversations. Likewise, you can silence or deactivate notifications , so that they do not bother you. And, of course, you can delete yourself from the channel whenever you want.

In case you want to join the broadcast channel of someone you don’t follow , Instagram will require you to start following that profile if you want to join their channel.

How Instagram Channels work
In order to create your own broadcast channels, the first thing you must do is go to the Instagram inbox (where direct messages are located) and select this new function. As has happened previously with other Instagram updates, this may not reach your account immediately, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t find this option active yet.

To launch your channel you just have to give it a name and send your first message through it. Your followers will automatically receive a notification informing them that you have created a channel and they will be invited to join. Likewise, if you want to promote your new channel even more, you have the option of publishing a special sticker in stories that works as an invitation , by clicking on it your audience will be able to join.